In addition to guidebooks, I have written travel articles for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Lonely Planet, China Report, Frequent Traveller and other newspapers and magazines. I have also appeared on BBC London news and have worked as a radio presenter. A skilled Chinese-English translator, I also provide high-quality Chinese-English translations.


My Books

Yuyuan Gardens, Old Town, Shanghai

Nine Dragon Screen, Datong, China

National Geographic Traveler China (National Geographic Society) 400-page guide to China, sole author. China's a colossus of a nation, so writing a guidebook from scratch was a daunting task, but it gave me the opportunity to take the project from drawing board to final editing; I was also involved in selecting images for a visually very strong title.

China (Lonely Planet) 1000-page guide to China; co-author. I have worked as a co-author on eight editions of this best-selling guidebook since 1997 and as managing author on seven editions to date, I have been in charge of a team of writers. It's a hefty book that's packed with information; as China changes so fast, it's a never-ending task. My last trip took me through Guangxi, Hunan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. 

Shanghai (Lonely Planet) Three editions; co-author.  Writing guidebooks to Shanghai is fantastic. It's a city going places but has a unique story to tell as well. I first visited Shanghai in 1993, so I've witnessed some dramatic changes.

Vietnam (Lonely Planet) One edition; co-author. Researched Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta for this best-selling guide. I had the journey of my life; the parallels with China are strong, but so are the differences.

London (Lonely Planet) Three editions; co-author. Exploring my hometown has been a revelation and I'll leap at any chance to go around the Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, raise a glass in a riverside pub and leaf through some of London's best bookshops.

Ireland (Lonely Planet) Two editions; co-author. One of the most beautiful countries on the planet. 

Beijing (Lonely Planet) Three editions; co-author. Beijing has it all: history, hutong, the Great Wall and stunning autumn skies.

Thailand (Lonely Planet; two editions) Researched the islands of Ko Samui, Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Tao as well as the south of this extraordinary nation.

Celestial Realm: The Yellow Mountains of China
(Abbeville Press) I contributed an essay on the natural history of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in China for this large format, hardback book celebrating the photographs of Wang Wusheng.

My other titles include:

Shanghai Encounter (Lonely Planet) Author

Best of Shanghai (Lonely Planet) Author

China's Southwest  (Lonely Planet) Co-author

Great Britain (Lonely Planet) Three editions; co-author

The Best Moment of your Life  (Lonely Planet; 2018) Contributor

Discover London (Lonely Planet) Co-author

Discover China  (Lonely Planet) Co-author

Hong Kong, Macau & Guangzhou (Lonely Planet) Co-author

Hong Kong (Lonely Planet) Co-author

Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei (Lonely Planet) Two editions; co-author